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“Ramsey has been a frequent travel guest on our radio show Travel Planners and always provides our listeners with great news on destinations."

-Sue and Kevin McCarthy, Co-hosts and radio personalities, Travel Planners syndicated radio shows

"Ramsey Qubein has worked on behalf of Northstar Travel Media to update and enlarge the world’s most comprehensive database of the hospitality industry, including hotels, airlines and cruise ships. Beginning as a specialist in airline branding, he has developed his knowledge base to include all aspects of travel, and has honed his writing skills to become a superb communicator. His hard work, dedication and dependability have made him an exceptional correspondent as well as a trusted colleague. He can be relied upon to take on difficult assignments -- often in obscure locations -- and to provide expert advice on international developments affecting travel."-

Lydia Cavanaugh, Editor, Northstar Travel Media

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