Ramsey Qubein

                                                                                                                      TRavel writer

I am often asked about my favorite travel products or preferred airlines, hotels, or loyalty programs. The answer often depends upon a variety of factors that are specific to each person's travel patterns. As a frequent traveler, I often try to maintain top elite status in most of the major programs when I can. I also enjoy complementing my travel routine with other products and services. These are a few of my favorites!

favorite lounge program: priority pass, lounge buddy

Aside from airline-branded lounges, I find that Priority Pass is a a magnificent offering that gives me access to lounges around the world. I also find that Lounge Buddy is a convenient alternative if you are interested in access to a lounge at an airport where you would otherwise not have it. Often times, it has great discounts to some pretty cool airport lounges.

Favorite Shopping site: EBATES

Yes, almost exclusively, and I love Ebates.com for earning cash back on purchases that I would already make online. This is a great addition to airline and hotel shopping portals where you can also earn miles and points for the same purchases. Sign up using my link here!

favorite booking site: upside.com

Upside.com is a new site that helps people save money on flights, hotels, and ground transportation packages. After you put in your travel plans, it suggests cheaper alternatives that come from special rates the site has organized with various providers. You earn cash back in the form of gift cards, too, which can really add up. Make your first reservation worth at least $600 at Upside.com using my promotion code RAMSEY to earn $100 back in free gift cards automatically.